I was looking for a pedal to boost the front end of my valve amps. I already have a tube screamer (well Maxon OD-9) which I love but wanted something different. So I set about searching through YouTube videos and had my mind set on a Klone Klon. I was torn between a J Rockett Archer Ikon and a Wampler Tumnus both of which sounded awesome. So I set about looking on the internet for a bargain. I hate paying full price for anything. Then I came across the Xotic RC booster on sale on one of the many guitar websites I look. It is a really transparent boost pedal perfect for punching the front end of a valve amp. So with loads more YouTube searching about the RC I came across Oz Noy playing and loved his sound. He was using his own signature pedal from Xotic called the Ac/Rc. So more searching later I found this pedal for a good price and took the plunge.

The AC/RC-Oz is two Xotic pedals put together in one box. The RC booster a transparent boost and the AC booster an Overdrive pedal. Straight out of the box it is super simple you use. Both the RC and AC sides have controls for gain, volume, bass and treble. There is an input, output and 9v dc input and that’s it. The pedal feels like a quality piece of kit, really well finished and all the switches and pots feel great.

Plugging in the pedal and putting everything at 12 o’clock this is normally where I start with any pedal. Engaging the RC side fatterns up the low end but keeps all the highs and pushes my amp into just the slightest bit of overdrive. To say this sounds good is an understatement. If you want the sound of your guitar and amp but fuller and bigger sounding then this is for you. For this alone the pedal is well worth the money. Having the bass and treble controls allows you to adjust for different guitars from strat’s and tele’s to les Paul’s. When you turn the pedal off it feels really flat and lifeless.

Then comes the AC side. This is an Drive that goes from light overdrive to pretty full on distortion. It gives really good attack something some pedals compress and destroy. It keeps the sound of your guitar but give a great rock and blues tones. Now comes the cool bit when you put the two together. The RC pushes the the AC into even more distortion and creates a huge powerful rock sound that is totally awesome. Heavily distorted but you can still hear the tome of the guitar.

This really is a great pedal and something that has been missing from my guitar sound. I love this pedal and I’m so pleased I splashed to cash and bought it. If you are in the market for a new drive pedal and more then get yourself one of these. Oh and they are limited to 1500 worldwide.

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